What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Denise Diroff
    Medallion Energy Enterprises

    “We were introduced to Lynne Singletary by our commercial realtor. I just can’t say enough good things about working with Lynne and the team at BankUnited. Lynne is amazing, truly awesome. We really feel as if she’d do anything for us. Her attitude and her approach are extraordinary. We were so thrilled to have her in our corner. So much so that after meeting Lynne we had no interest in going anywhere else. Lynne provided us with realistic expectations from the start and we pushed to close our loan early. Overall it was a great experience and we are very happy with the outcome of the loan process.”

  • Derrica Borden
    Med-Bill Corporation

    “I was referred to the team at BankUnited Small Business Finance by my real estate broker. We had been leasing for 20 years. Really, we went into the process completely blind. Lucky for us, our business development officer walked us through the entire process - from start to finish she was amazing. She answered every single question and was always available to us, even after hours. It was evident that she truly cares about us and cares about what she’s doing. We were grateful to get detailed lists about the items that were needed so that we could keep the process moving. In fact, she told us to expect the process to take approximately 60 days but it was completed in less than 30! It was a very good experience and we really appreciate it. The team at BankUnited Small Business Finance went above and beyond what we ever expected. It was so wonderful to work with people who so clearly care about their jobs and their customers. I would definitely recommend BankUnited 110%.”

  • Andrew Fuld

    “We were referred to Mike Ramsay by our banker who was unable to offer the loan we needed. I have to say that the entire process with BankUnited was nothing less than awesome. It was completed on schedule and was extremely smooth. Mike and the entire team provide top notch customer service. Specifically, they keep in touch and we were never left wondering about what was going on. Mike set great expectations up front – very realistic. In fact, I wish that BUSBF had been our first stop in the process. The team is very knowledgeable about the SBA rules and regulations and were willing to fully utilize the program to meet our unique needs. Other lenders just couldn’t seem to get out of their own way but BUSBF was terrific.”

  • Eric Heidenreich
    Badger Welding of Orlando

    “We were referred to Lynne by our commercial realtor. We had been working with another bank but they really dropped the ball. We very nearly lost the property when they couldn’t make the deal happen in a timely fashion. Our realtor told us great things about Lynne and he was right – she made it happen! She stepped in and delivered in a very rapid manner. In fact, I’d say she hit a home run. She’s on top of her game, she’s very thorough. We just can’t say enough good things about Lynne.”

  • Greg Wonsmos
    PK in Town

    “We were referred to Mike Ramsay by our operating bank because our loan needs did not fit within their parameters. I have to say it was a great referral. Mike stepped in and really went to work. He looked at our situation and realized the tremendous opportunity that we had to purchase a business that had been around since 1968. Mike understood our plans for growth after our acquisition and could see that they were good. The team at BankUnited Small Business Finance was very courteous and patient. They helped us gather everything we needed. Rodney Johnson is clearly an industry veteran who really understood the entire deal – he wasn’t just checking boxes. It was quite refreshing in this day and age to find a lender that is so flexible and that truly understands business. And the fact that they deliver with such great customer service is a bonus. The whole process was great – we are very happy. BankUnited Small Business Finance is a perfect fit for us.”