Managing your cash flow is one of your most important tasks. BankUnited is here to help you manage the day-to-day cash flow and the financial operations of your business, streamline payables and mitigate unnecessary risk exposure. Our robust suite of treasury management solutions is designed to optimize your company’s overall financial performance and increase productivity.

Funds Management

These funds management services will help speed up and simplify your deposit collecting and processing.

Account Analysis

BankUnited’s Account Analysis provides a clear view into the volume of your account activity, allowing you to manage your cash flow more effectively.

Cash Services

Our Cash Services allow you to deliver cash directly to our vaults while crediting your account immediately after processing. They also allow you to place cash orders for delivery to your business’ location.

Escrow Account Services

Our industry-specific escrow solutions manage third-party funds, and allow you to easily segregate client funds and tenant security deposits into multiple subaccounts.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

With a Zero Balance Account (ZBA) structure, available funds get moved automatically between master and sub-accounts to consolidate or disburse as needed, which cuts the need for manual book transfers.

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BankUnited Lynx™

Lynx™, BankUnited’s secure web-banking platform, provides unlimited access to your Treasury Management services through a user-friendly, universally accessible dashboard. Lynx™ is a safe, secure way to manage your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Features include:

  • View into real-time account activity
  • Customized account alerts
  • Ability to initiate electronic payments, including ACH, Wires and Transfers
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Numerous fraud prevention capabilities
  • LynxTM Mobile app

Payables Solutions

BankUnited can help streamline how you pay suppliers, vendors and employees, creating efficiencies that enable you to get the most out of your working capital.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination Services

This service allows you to create electronic credits for payments, including payroll, vendor payments and taxes, with efficiency and ease.

Account Reconciliation

Reconcile your bank accounts through reporting software that details paid, issued and outstanding items, as well as stop payments and voided checks.

Online Bill Payment

Pay your monthly bills, schedule recurring payments, and delegate tasks with this one-stop bill payment dashboard.

Controlled Disbursement

With early notification of daily check presentments, BankUnited’s Controlled Disbursement reporting informs your business of daily cash positions – knowledge that allows you to invest excess funds, or pay down outstanding debt.

Funds Transfer

Online Funds Transfer is an efficient, secure platform where you can initiate domestic or international outgoing wire transfer payments, and save templates for future use.

Receivables Solutions

BankUnited understands your need to maximize cash flow. Our receivables solutions will help accelerate cash collections by offering faster, simpler deposit processing.

Deposit Reconciliation

BankUnited’s Deposit Reconciliation service streamlines your accounting by generating statements and reports which break deposits down by detail.

Lockbox Services

Accelerate access to your funds by directing receivables to a BankUnited lockbox. With multiple locations throughout Florida and the New York City area, BankUnited will process your deposits, and provide your business with digital images of checks and documents that can be viewed through the BankUnited Lynx™ service and lockbox web portals.

Merchant Card Services

We offer an extensive range of reliable, innovative and cost-effective products that allows your business to accept credit and debit cards for payment.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Save time by using this service to digitally deposit checks to your commercial accounts anytime, anywhere.

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Fraud Prevention

Safeguard your business accounts with BankUnited’s Fraud Prevention Services. Minimize your fraud exposure and protect your account with these services.

ACH Alerts
ACH Alerts monitors ACH debit and/or credit activity and triggers an actionable alert via email or text keeping you informed of the activity. With full control of pay/return decisions, you can proactively prevent unauthorized ACH transactions on your account. Custom parameters such as dollar limits can be established to manage permitted ACH activity.

Positive Pay

  • Positive Pay systematically compares checks presented for payment to your issued-check files to detect serial numbers and dollar amounts that do not match. Non-matching items are reported to you via BankUnited Lynx™ allowing for the opportunity to review and decision the exception items for a Pay or Return decision.
  • Payee Positive Pay allows for an additional layer of security by identifying payee name discrepancies in addition to serial numbers and dollar amounts.  Non-matching items are reported to you via BankUnited Lynx™ allowing for the opportunity to review and decision the exception items for a Pay or Return decision.
  • Reverse Positive Pay is an alternative to positive pay services for companies that are unable to transmit issued-check files to BankUnited.  You have the opportunity to review within BankUnited Lynx™ all checks presented for payment to determine if they should be paid or returned.

Online Security
Protect against fraud with technologies designed to enhance control over access to your online account information and payment transaction services, such as token authentication and dual-control security.

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Information Reporting Solutions

Digital tools that help you get account information and conduct banking transactions more efficiently.

BAI Balance Reporting
BAI Balance Reporting files allow you to upload balance and transaction details directly into your financial management software.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
This service is well suited for businesses that receive large numbers of electronic payments with remittance information. With BankUnited’s EDI service you’ll accelerate collections and speed up payment processing.

Check Imaging Solutions
Research check transactions with quick access to view check images. Plus, for enhanced account reconcilement, you have the ability to easily search and print select items.

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