401(K) Plan


BankUnited sponsors a 401(K) plan administered by Ingham Retirement Group. All eligible employees are automatically enrolled after one month of service at a 3% deduction (pre-tax) from your pay. To opt out, or manage your account please login to Ingham.com. (First time users please refer the following guide to set up your account: Ingham Participant First Time Login Instructions ) If no action is taken, there will be an automatic 1% increase every year to a max rate of 6%.


Company Match

BankUnited will match 100% of your first percent, then 70% of the next five percent.

In order to take advantage of the maximum company match you must be contributing 6% for a maximum company match of 4.5%.



Your own contributions are always 100% vested.

You will be 100% vested in the company match contributions after 2 years of service.


IRS Limits 2024

(Amounts confirmed as of 1/1/24)

Pre-tax Contributions may not exceed $23,000 

For those age 50 or older contributions may not exceed $30,500 



  • 401(k) Forms
    1. Rollover Form
  • General 401(k) Plan Information
    1. BankUnited Enrollment Kit
    2. Designation of Beneficiary
      • Make sure your 401k funds are distributed to the right people and that you keep your beneficiary designations up to date after life changes.
  • Required Notices
    1. 401K SAR
      • Summary Annual Report is a report summarizing the plan’s financial activities as required by law
    2. 401K SPD
      • A Summary Plan Description provides a deeper dive into all covered and excluded benefits as required by law.
    3. Safe Harbor Notice
      • A notice informing employees of their rights and obligations under the plan as required by law.