Basic Life & Disability Insurance


Basic Life & Disability Insurance


BankUnited is pleased to provide all eligible employees with Basic Life and AD&D Insurance, Short Term, and Long Term Disability Insurance through Prudential at no cost to you. Below is a description of each of these benefit policies in which you are automatically enrolled and begin as of the 1st of the month following 30 days from your hire date.


Prudential Basic Life and AD&D
Basic Employee Life Insurance 1 x annual salary rounded up to nearest $1,000 to the max of $400,000*
AD&D Benefit Same as Basic Life
Age Reduction Schedule Reduces by 35% at age 65, and then by 50% at age 70
Accelerated Benefit 90% benefit up to $500,000. Terminal illness with less than 12 months
Conversion Convert without evidence of insurability
  *Coverage reduced to $50,000 for Executive Split-Dollar Life plan participants


PrudentialShort Term Disability
Benefits Begin8th day due to Sickness or Accident
Benefit Duration12 weeks
Percentage of Income Replaced60% of your weekly pre-disability earnings
*Weekly Maximum BenefitUp to $2,500
 *Special provisions apply to commissioned employees.


PrudentialLong Term Disability
Monthly BenefitUp to 66 2/3% of your monthly pre-disability earnings, up to max of $20k
Elimination Period90 days
Benefit DurationADEA | (Age 65)
Definition of DisabilityYou are limited from performing the occupational trade or profession you were employed in prior to your disability.
Pre-Existing Conditions6/12 | A pre-existing condition is one which an individual has seen a medical practitioner or taken medication in the 6 months prior to coverage effective date. No benefits will be covered for the first 12 months of the policy effective date.



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