Healthcare Concierge


Health Concierge


It is a widely known fact that healthcare and insurance coverage can be a specialized area and incredibly difficult to navigate. There is an immense amount of time and money that can be spent in trying to find quality doctors, understanding what our insurance will cover, and financially planning for medical, dental, and/or vision bills. This is why BankUnited has enlisted the help of a healthcare concierge and expert in the field that can walk you through each and every step when using any of your healthcare benefits. The best part, it is already paid for. All you have to do is reach out to our very own BankUnited Health Pro, Nicole Yancey, from Alight or visit the member portal to explore some cost saving tools.




BankUnited members say it best


“It really help me save time navigating the insurance/doctor/patient responsibilities before my surgery. Great service.”

“After a medical procedure, my insurance company notified me they would not cover the bill. Alight resolved the issue within 24 hours.!”

“Nicole Yancey was amazing. She assisted me in navigating these medical bills and was more like a teacher holding my hand than a mere employee just getting the tasked done. I believe she went above and beyond of what she was suppose to do. Even though I don’t want more medical bills in the future, I feel elated that I have Nicole to assist me.”

“Very helpful and quickly addressed my issue!”