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Walking in Their Shoes - Bankers on the Road

By building a connection beyond banking, this banker creates a lasting partnership.
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Jason Harripersad prioritizes meeting all his clients in person. The BankUnited Business Banker said the company's size doesn’t matter; instead, he’s concerned with knowing the people in it. 

“I want to get to know everyone,” Jason said. “I want to know my client’s needs for their business, but I also want to know who they are as people.” Jason’s personal approach worked especially well for Dr. Louis Miller, Clinic Director at South Florida Disc and Spine. Jason contacted Dr. Miller shortly after joining BankUnited in 2022. 

He introduced himself, helped Dr. Miller with banking questions, and ensured the doctor knew he could call him whenever needed. Jason’s effort helped build a lasting relationship with Dr. Miller, who said, “Jason embodies customer service like I’ve never experienced before.” 

Small issues, big impression

When Jason took over Dr. Miller’s banking relationship, he wanted to ensure that Dr. Miller was getting “first-class service.” The relationship began with an email check-in; Jason wanted to know if there was anything Dr. Miller needed. The inquiry uncovered some of the doctor’s small frustrations. For example, he was having trouble accessing his treasury solutions statements. 

Jason recognized that minor troubles could eventually lead to bigger frustrations. He answered Dr. Miller’s questions and provided him with the information he needed. With the lines of communication open, the two soon began texting. Jason helped on a few more issues, and Dr. Miller began recognizing him as a trusted resource. 

At that point, Jason asked if he could visit the chiropractic clinic to understand Dr. Miller’s business better. He did his research before the meeting, reviewing Dr. Miller’s accounts, business transactions and more. “I didn’t want this to be just a meet and greet,” Jason recalled. “I wanted to understand his goals and pain points, and most importantly, how I could help.” 

Finding common ground

The two met at Dr. Miller’s Delray Beach clinic. Dr. Miller offered Jason a tour of the facility, his equipment and technology, and South Florida Disc and Spine’s services. “He also loves meeting people and doing business face-to-face,” Jason said. “He introduced me to his staff and treated me like a friend.” 

Then the pair got to work, reviewing Dr. Miller’s near-term business goals, including plans to expand his clinic. “One of his main goals is to buy a new commercial property,” Jason said. The information helped start a discussion about how to finance the purchase. Jason was also able to introduce Dr. Miller to a commercial real estate broker, who could help with the property search. 

By the time the visit was done, Jason had a comprehensive understanding of Dr. Miller’s business banking needs and a good sense of who he was—a businessman, a community member, a dad, an exercise enthusiast, and a former wrestler. Coincidentally, Jason also used to wrestle. “He said he doesn’t often meet people he has so much in common with,” Jason said. 

Five stars and then some

Dr. Miller was so pleased with Jason’s service that he gave him a five-star review on Google. Jason deeply appreciated the feedback, but the true reward is building trust and real relationships with business owners. “Most of them really appreciate when someone comes out to connect with them and learn more about what they do,” Jason said. 

Engaging personally with clients like Dr. Miller allows bankers like Jason to understand the specific needs of each business, from cash flow management to uncovering business growth opportunities. Not only does this approach address immediate concerns, but it creates a lasting partnership. 

“I want my customers to know that we are here for them every step of the way,” Jason said. If you’re interested in meeting with a BankUnited business banker, connect with us today

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